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Stop Losing Clients Because THEY'RE Bad at Sales

Most MSPs have built a client base exclusively from referrals, where all the hard work of building trust is already done for them. Then they blame you because perfectly good marketing leads aren't a "good fit" despite being everything you've promised.

Let's talk about how we can help you get better results for your clients,

and help them see how they might be the reason those marketing leads don't close.


"After a couple months in the MSP Dojo, one of my clients closed her first deal, and then her second... and then her third. All at once.


It turns out all she needed to get the most from my products was a little practice, and the confidence to DO what she mostly already knew."

—Michael Bakaic

Marketing Leads Vs Referrals

Converting a referral is almost like eating a fully-cooked steak that was delivered to your table: all you have to do is avoid choking on it. A marketing lead is more like a steak from your local grocery store. It's going to need a little more preparation to make a meal out of it.

How much, and what kind of preparation has a lot to do with the lead. Opportunities from SEO, Organic Inbound, LinkedIn outreach, and even appointment setting firms all have their unique needs. 

  • They tend to be more competitive, with more than one MSP being evaluated 

  • They tend to have more questions and need more rapport building

  • They're more prone to ghosting your MSP, and falling prey to "sales process fatigue"

  • They're sales cycles are longer and more detailed, requiring a more disciplined sales process

  • They're more sensitive to pushy, smarmy, and undisciplined sales people

But above all these things, marketing leads will need a more comfortable and confident sales professional to guide them to the answers they seek. 

Teaching people who THINK they already know

None of your clients want to think they're the problem. It's much easier to blame you. If we want them to get the results we know you can deliver, we'll need to help them understand they're part of the problem.

Image by Nathan Dumlao

Weekly Role-Practice

Every week our members practice the most common sales scenarios with and against their peers. They get direct feedback from people who know this business we well or better than they do. 

This shines a bright spotlight on bad sales people, process, and techniques. And with nowhere to hide, each MPS owner or sales person is forced to see themselves the way their prospects see them.

Doctor Teaching on Seminar


While the MSP does not force-feed any courses or training materials in the platform, instead we regularly invite specific members to participate in webinars and trainings for MSP-specific sales process and techniques. 

The goal is to identify those that are ready to learn why they're struggling so much, and offer them the tools they need when they're most likely to use them.

MRI Scans

Expert Intervention

The MSP Dojo has weekly Open Office Hours, where members can bring any sales related questions, concerns, or topics to discuss with our "Black Belts" in MSP sales.

Our members get actionable and relevant advice on everything from overall sales culture to specific moments in active opportunities. Your clients will get the chance to ask directly, or just learn from being in the room.

Within 3 months, our members tell us that they:

Feel more confident stepping into sales meetings.
Have the confidence to run a more disciplined sales process.
Start closing the kind of deals they never know they were blowing before.

"When MSPs join Start Grow Manage there's usually a lot everyone in the MSP needs to learn. It's sometimes hard to know how and when to convert that learning into action.

Getting in the MSP Dojo gives them a clear time and place to activate the skills and process they're adopting internally. This level of practice is what separates amateurs from elite athletes, and we've started including the MSP Dojo for all of our clients and their sales teams.

—Joe Rojas

Joe Rojas_22-04-13_3568_edited.jpg
We don't help people get more leads.
We don't help them generate more referrals.
We don't offer a comprehensive growth plan or process.

We shine a spotlight on bad sales people, process, and techniques.
Because identifying the problem is the first step to fixing it.

Schedule a call with our team now to see if we can help your clients increase their close rate and overall confidence in the sales.
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