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The MSP Dojo was Born out of Necessity.

You can learn about how to sell by reading books, hiring coaches, watching videos, etc. There is no shortage of information on how to master your sales craft, but how do you turn that information into actual skill? You have to practice.

Selling is a Team Sport

You've hear it said that it takes two to tango. The only way to get good at selling to other people is to practice selling to other people. You can’t master the craft by meditating. You have to go through the motions –test that knowledge in real life– because that’s where the sales meetings happen. In real life, with other people.

A Safe Environment to Hone Your Craft

That’s why we know that drilling (practice, sparring, etc) is so incredibly valuable. It gives us the chance to test our knowledge in a high-pressure, low-risk environment. When you practice on your prospects it’s often embarrassing, expensive, and wasteful. When you practice with us, the worst that can happen is you might look a little silly.

This means that you can be bold, try new things, develop your skills, and get confident with your own unique style. Learning how to do the “right” tactics in your own personal way just takes time. The MSP Dojo gives you that time so you’re not missing the real opportunities when they come your way. 

Black Belts

Everybody needs a good example to follow, but we're tired of hearing from "gurus." What we don't need is another 45 second video of perfectly curated content, we need to see experts fall in the mud just like the rest of us. These are the experts that believe enough in their own sales craft to jump into the pit and show us what it looks like to get your hands dirty.

Johnathan Schofield

Johnathan Schofield 


Connecting Businesses with Service Providers: the missing link between growing businesses and trusted service providers

Dave Sagraves Headshot April 2024 1-to-1 cropped brighter Large 1280px.jpeg

Dave Sagraves

MSP Growth OS

Helping MSPs between $5mm and $35mm double their revenue with an organic, repeatable, sales engine.

Brian Gilette headshot.jpg

Brian Gillette

Feel Good MSP

Equip your team to book new MRR every month without changing your tech stack.

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