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Outsource Your Sales Role Play

Outsourcing Sales Role Play is the best way to make sure your people are getting some practice, and a great way to put you in front of your ideal customers.


"It's helpful for my members to have a place where they can test their sales skill with other people who know what a prospect would actually say. They can practice with my team (to learn my system), but then they need to go test their skills against the uninitiated. 

It gives them the chance to build confidence in themselves, and the selling process they've learned, before they use it on a prospect."

—Brian Gillette

Practice is Hard

You and your clients both understand the value of outsourcing. You and your clients also know that two things are true about sales training:


(1) role playing is the most powerful and effective way to truly learn what you're teaching them.


(2) It's awkward, time-consuming, and at least one of you probably hates it.


Every week the MSP Dojo gives your clients the perfect opportunity to practice what you teach them. Along with other MSP Salespeople and business owners, they'll role play real life sales scenarios with peers who know exactly what it's like to be in that sales meeting, because it's their job too. 


Your clients will gain confidence and see results faster. They'll start to learn first-hand where they are strong and weak. Most importantly they'll be able to put your lessons to the test without burning real opportunities.

Why Outsourcing Wins

Outsourcing isn't always the winner, but when it comes to practicing your sales role play it just makes sense. 

Dollar Bills

Added Value

Your members get access to a powerful tool at a steep discount, and start getting value from it on day one. You work in a competitive industry and every Sales thought leader is trying to add more value to their offering. Discounted or bundled membership in the MSP Dojo can make your offer more competitive.

Sheet Music and Guitar


Unless you and your clients already have a regular time, place, and content schedule for practicing, it probably isn't happening systematically or consistently. Having a plan for folding practice into their routine leads to predictable performance as they learn from your program.

Hand Holding Color Swatches


Practice with the same partners leads to stagnation. Over time, people tend to emulate instead of develop. Instead of just trying to copy what you (or their sales manager) are doing, they'll have a larger pool of role play partners. A mix of people and skill sets better replicates real life experiences, and real life success.

Rocket Launch


To put a rocket in orbit you need pressure. Too little pressure and the rocket doesn't achieve escape velocity, too much and it explodes along the way. Practicing in the MSP Dojo replicates the experience of selling to a stranger. No one wants to be embarrassed in front of their peers, and sometimes competitors. It's as close as you can get to the real thing without blowing an opportunity with a potential client.  



Running your own Dojo means that you have to make sure the number of participants is just right. Because the MSP Dojo operates at scale, you can add or remove members when it makes sense for you. There are no minimums, and your workload does not increase with a change in members. The MSP Dojo is a "fire and forget" option for sales role play.

"When MSPs join Start Grow Manage there's usually a lot everyone in the MSP needs to learn. It's sometimes hard to know how and when to convert that learning into action.

Getting in the MSP Dojo gives them a clear time and place to activate the skills and process they're adopting internally. This level of practice is what separates the amateurs from the elite athletes, we recommend this for all of our clients and their sales teams.

—Joe Rojas

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I'm in. How does this work?

In exchange for advocating for consistent practice, and spreading the word about the MSP Dojo, we offer a discount to MSPs that you influence. This can be as simple as providing you with a coupon they enter at checkout, all the way up to billing you directly so you can bundle the MSP Dojo in your existing service.

The more members you have in the Dojo, and the more passionately you advocate for them to attend, the greater the discount available.

Get Featured, Get Clients

People are sick and tired of gurus who tell them what to do in perfectly tailored LinkedIn videos. Instead, get featured in our pre-recorded lessons as a Black Belt so that your ideal clients can get to know your style and your system.


By getting your hands dirty in a role play session, MSP owners and sales people will get to know you. You'll have an opportunity to organically advertise to your ideal client. They'll get an appetizer of your product... especially those that are using a competitor and getting poor results. 

Outsourcing Sales Role Play is the best way to make sure your people are getting some practice, and a great way to put you in front of your ideal customers.
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